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Finding the best diet for acid reflux that works for you is very important, especially if you suffer from acid reflux symptoms frequently. The condition defined as acid reflux disease or GERD, often referred to as heartburn is a collection of symptoms all related to the scenario where the stomach contents mixed in with digestive acid find their way back into the throat and damage the sensitive tissues there.

This combination of natural chemical compounds that the body produced (pepsin, the bile and the acid) end up cause a burning sensation in your throat. This unpleasant sensation can be felt spreading and shooting along the stomach, chest and all the way up to the throat. There may be various reasons that acid reflux signs and symptoms start to appear and in today's market you can find very many acid reflux and heartburn remedies like medications, home remedies and lifestyle modifications.

One of the easiest and most powerful remedies you can start applying right now is to adjust your everyday diet. If you have started having one or more acid reflux symptoms, it is already time to start thinking about changing and creating some sort of acid reflux diet that will work in your particular case.As an added bonus – you'll end up making your whole body and the immune system stronger!

Whether it is acid reflux or some other challenge to the body's metabolism, there is an ever present need for a strong immune system.

The first signs of spring are showing their face here where I live, in Arlington, the country's smallest county. On the window ledge is a vase of jonquils and hellebore. Beyond that I can see forsythia and cherry trees in bloom and already there is the watery eyes and runny nose. Pollen is another task for the body's immune system to take on.

A healthy diet is at the forefront of a good wellness program. This is a good approach because it fortifies the body for acid reflux as well as overcoming allergies and other conditions that can weaken the body. Calcium, for instance, is an essential element in neutralizing excessive acid in the stomach and accompanying tissue. A good diet is the most effective way to ensure that there is adequate calcium to take care of these problems. Allergy relief medicines like Claritin use calcium, sodium and magnesium; these are the same essential minerals that are used to balance acidity.

To get through this difficult time, a meal plan that relies on dairy products, strong colored vegetables and fruits can be very helpful. Also add soy products, kale and collard greens to your menu plan – essentially anything with high mineral content can be a useful part of an acid reflux diet.

The requirements for calcium are 1,000 to 1,500mg per day. Women need more than men. To activate calcium you need about 500-600mg of magnesium. Starting at middle age the body's power to absorb calcium starts to decline. Especially for those with bone issues or acid reflux, a diet rich in calcium and associated minerals is important for good health.

Best Diet For Acid Reflux Includes Green Salad

It is helpful to have vitamin D to optimize calcium absorption, which can be found in sunlight. Bones also respond to low impact exercise for this process. You can take care of both of these very effectively with a 20-minute outdoor walk. The gentle jarring that comes with walking is an excellent way to stimulate bones and joints.

Useful thoughts for an acid reflux diet:

Meat and animal products are acidic.
Calcium, potassium and magnesium are the best acid neutralizers.
Vegetables and fruit are the best source of acid neutralizers
Some foods are marginal and metabolizing can vary by person.
Natural remedies have an important role in digestion and healing.

Tilting the meal plan in favor of plant foods and away from meat can enhance an acid reflux diet. If you need extra help controlling episodes of acid reflux try cutting back drastically on meat and processed foods until there is improvement. Even having a meat free day each week can be helpful. Try to expand this to a menu that is limited to about 20 percent meat and other high acid products.

Finding a life long best diet for acid reflux is a philosophy for eating that has will protect against ever-present toxins that invade the body. Use it as part of a wellness plan and gain the best benefits that are naturally included.

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