Rapid Reflux Relief Program Review

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This review is about one of the most popular and effective programs in the market today to help people eliminate acid reflux symptoms. It is called “Rapid Reflux Relief” program and developed by the joint effort of Nick O'Connor and Richard Harrow.

The program is currently available for purchase on “RapidRefluxRelief.com” website.

Nick O'Connor tells you his story about his continuous struggle with acid reflux and how he was diagnosed with an early stage of esophagus cancer as a consequence of this condition.

Rapid Reflux Relief Program Creator Nick OConnorTests showed that he suffered from a condition called “Barrett's Esophagus” which affects over 6 million Americans each year.

About 20% of people from this group end up being diagnosed with cancer.

The direct cause of this condition is the stomach acid continuously being refluxed over a long period of time.

Ultimately this burns away your esophagus and replaces it with unnatural tissue that often becomes cancerous. The only way to stop this is to prevent the acid reflux from happening.

From that point on, after getting over the shock, Nick O'Connor understood that this was his rapid wake-up call and decided to start the research and find the solution to his condition on his own. Continue

You can continue reading and review the details about Rapid Reflux Relief program, including listed features and benefits, directly on the product website, however there is a lot of information to process and the sales page can be a bit overwhelming.

That's why we have prepared this review as a set of few simple time and money saving tips and tricks to help you with research, review, decision making process and, if you find that it works for you, purchase of Nick O'Connor's product. We hope you'll find this information useful…

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Review of Rapid Reflux Relief Program sample pages

In order to do a detailed review, we bough Nick O'Connor's Rapid Relief book but, as you can surely understand, we are not going to to show you all the details in this review – doing that would certainly not be fair towards the creator of this program.

Rapid Reflux Relief book is 100 pages long and packed with great tips and recommendations on what lifestyle and diet changes you need to make right away. It contains detailed instructions, recipes and guidance so that you can start applying them right away – that is why rapid is in the program title!

In this review, we'll be able to give you a peek inside Rapid Reflux Relief program and show you a few selected sample pages. We've chosen these pages so that they will not give away any of the Rapid Reflux Relief guide trademarked secrets specifying recommended protocols, diets or recipes – but we hope that this extra bit of information might help you to do your own review and research and decide if this book is for you!

Introduction to Rapid Reflux Relief program

Introduction to Rapid Reflux Relief Program ReviewDo you have a secret killer lurking in your gut? You may not have heard of H. pylori, but it affects more than half of the population worldwide! This bad bug takes up residence in our stomach linings, causing reflux, ulcers, and even cancer.

Taking acid reducing medications may relieve the symptoms, but it doesn’t address the underlying problem, and as long as the infection stays with you, you will keep having problems.

Research has shown that 80% of all stomach ulcers and 90% of all ulcers in the upper small intestine (duodenum) are caused by H. pylori. H. pylori is also associated with up to 80% of all cases of stomach cancer, making it the only bacterium in the world to be recognized as a Grade 1 Carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

H. pylori infection affects acid production in your stomach. As this bacterium takes over your tummy, it causes the cells that control internal acid secretion to produce more hydrochloric acid, which causes gastritis, esophagitis, and reflux.

H. pylori is usually treated with a 4-drug regimen, including antibiotics that can have dangerous side effects and lead to antibiotic resistance. But there…

Rapid Reflux Relief Book Conclusion

Rapid Reflux Relief Program Review - Conclusion PageAfter reading this book, you should have a good idea of the effects that H. pylori can have. It is far from a harmless bacteria, even if you do not know that you have it.

It is responsible for nearly all stomach ulcers and 80% of stomach cancers. Knowing what you know, you can not let this rapid killer continue to thrive in your system.

Luckily, there is something you can do to get rapid relief. You do not have to take antibiotics that can make you even sicker. You can take natural substances that have been proven just as effective as antibiotics in clinical trials. There are 5 key compounds that you can incorporate into your daily diet to rid yourself of H. pylori for good.

In this guide you were given lists of the foods that contain these key chemical compounds, how much to take in of each food, how to combine them and when to take them. It’s probably not as hard as you thought to get these nutrients.

We gave you a bonus list of compounds that have also been shown to be effective at killing H. pylori in laboratory studies to get you on your way to rapid relief.

We have even given you a week of sample meal plans to get you started and some delicious recipes for you to try that are chock filled with sulfurophane, flavonoids, probiotics and prebiotics, and thiosulfinate.

Nick O'Connor About Rapid Reflux Relief program


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