Baby Acid Reflux Treatment

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What Do You Know About Baby Acid Reflux Treatment

It is difficult enough to suffer through your own acid reflux symptoms, but watching your own baby going through it is devastating. So it makes sense to research all of the options you have to deal with and select the appropriate baby acid reflux treatment. Today there are a lot of specific treatment options available, but you have to be careful and review each one before you administer it to your baby. The numbers of affected babies with acid reflux symptoms are getting higher and higher!

Recent studies have shown that a fifth or so of the more than 8 million babies born every year in America have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), otherwise known as baby acid reflux. This ailment can be a real trouble for you as a parent, especially if it is the first time you are having a baby.

This is because the symptoms are not so clear in babies, which makes them cry due to the pain they feel. This article looks at this condition and gives valuable insight to help you gain knowledge about the condition.

What Causes Acid Reflux in Babies?

This condition occurs when acid and other contents of the stomach find their way back into the esophagus. There is a valve located at the point where the esophagus ends and the stomach begins that opens up to allow food to pass into the stomach. After this it closes up to prevent any food and stomach acid from escaping.

Reflux occurs when the valve becomes weak or it does not function properly. This means that after eating, food and acid may flow back into the esophagus. When this happens severally, your baby will develop this reflux. So, how do you realize that this condition is happening in your baby?

What Are The Symptoms of Baby Acid Reflux?

The only drawback that makes this condition hard to identify is that your child may not talk — instead, he or she will cry due to the uncomfortable feeling caused by the condition. The main symptom is a painful feeling the baby experiences across the chest or abdomen.

When this condition occurs, your baby will feel a burning sensation or sour taste in the mouth because of the acid. This will make the baby to cry and be very irritable. If you are not keen, you may think it is normal baby behavior.

A baby that is experiencing this condition is hard to feed. For example, if you have just breastfed your baby the milk will be vomited once these symptoms begin. Since the baby cannot hold food in the stomach to facilitate digestion, weight loss occurs.

These are some of the symptoms that point to reflux of acid in your baby, but they are not definitive — you must make a point of seeing a physician to help come up with a diagnosis and a proper treatment.

How Do You Find Treatment For Acid Reflux in Babies?

What Is The Best Baby Acid Reflux Treatment Option For YouGet Your Baby Screened

The first step is to get your baby to a pediatrician for screening and diagnosis. The doctor will analyze the symptoms and also use a physical exam to reach a decision. Some other tests include upper GI series, upper endoscopy, esophageal pH monitoring and other lab tests.

Follow Prescribed Treatment

Once diagnosis is complete, the doctor will recommend some treatment for your baby. The treatment may include change of feeding habits for your baby. Some of the recommendations may include feeding your baby smaller amounts and thickening the baby formula.

Baby acid reflux is not a disease you can take lightly. You need to be able to read the signs so that you can identify it early enough, select the best treatment and take measures. You can do this by reading the symptoms and getting treatment early enough.

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